I stand upon the word of the Lord for me this year 2022, and from the very depths of my inner entrails, I enact these pronunciations in the name of Jesus, by the blood of Jesus, and with the mercies of God.

That this year is a year of rejoicing for me and so I pronounce

There is gladness for me, no sadness. There is Progression for me, no regression. There is Expression of my gifts, no depression. This year is a year of pursuit after every troop. Wherein I overtake the troops. And without fail, I recover all that has been lost

I enter into recovery mode, I burst into restoration arena. I embrace a seven-fold restoration of all that is lost . Vital Relationships lost are restored. Finances lost and retributed. Opportunities lost are fully recovered. Years lost are collapsed into 2022. And all blessings therein are extracted for my sake

The asses that are lost are found. I enter into investment mode. Ideas drop on me as lines fall on me in pleasant places. I know exactly what to do, I will not lack seed. I am not bereft of ideas. I receive divine energy to take the right steps. I enter into harvest mode

With joy, I harvest seed sown in unprecedented folds. With joy, I navigate the weeks and months of 2022. With joy, I take off like an eagle. Never fainting, never wearied. I obtain God’s help. I receive God’s mercy. I am filled with joy in the Holy Ghost. And I recover all without fail

2022! I am here in style. Bring forth the best of the best for me. I speak to you, Yield forth the increase of the best. Till my joy is full and complete and all the glory goes to God! 

Oil of joy upon my head, keenness, and clarity to my eyes, precision and accuracy to my ears, inspiration, and wisdom to my mouth, favor, and blessing upon my hands, integrity, and grace  in my heart, direction and mercy on my feet, every day of 2022

So shall it be for me, I believe these words, I receive these words, and I rejoice in the reality of these words! The sound of joy, the shout of praise shall be mine continually! Go ahead and SHOUT!