Victor Adeyemi, President of Global Harvest church is a significant voice in the body of Christ, he is an itinerant preacher and teacher of the gospel of Christ.

His ministry is marked by the supernatural move of God in areas of healing. Reverend Victor has led people into supernatural encounters and imparts revelation knowledge to thousands.

Ministry for Reverend Victor started in February 1986, during a week of consecration in fasting and prayer, Victor Adeyemi saw a picture of a worldwide soul winning and church planting ministry.

With a passion for soul birthed out of this experience, he committed himself to a life of ministry.

After obtaining a college diploma in law in 1989, he joined Rhema Chapel International Churches, Ilorin, Nigeria as a fulltime minister and became founding pastor of Rhema Chapel, Ibadan in September 1990.

Global Harvest Church was inaugurated on September 30, 1995, by Victor and Jumoke Adeyemi in response to God’s call on them to plant Evangelistic Churches that are committed to helping all members fulfil their destinies through the discovery, release and maximization of their God-given potentials.

He is married to Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi the current senior pastor of Global Harvest Church, Lagos, and they are blessed with three biological children and several spiritual children.