Kenneth Erwin Hagin was an American preacher who was born, with a deformed heart and ‘incurable blood diseases’, on August 20, 1917, in Mckinney, Texas, U.S.

However he was healed after receiving a revelation of faith in God’s Word after reading Mark 11 vs 23-24; that Scripture went on to become his most frequently and popularly quoted verse over the years.

He converted to the Christian faith at age 15, and preached his first sermon in 1936 as the pastor of a small local church in Roland, Texas. He joined the Assemblies of God church in 1937 and served there for 12 years, after which he began itinerant ministry.

Pa Hagin regarded as the father of “Word of Faith,” and is acclaimed to have received life-changing revelations of Jesus eight times during his time. He joined the Voice of Healing Revival in the U.S in the 1940s and 1950s together with Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsay, and T.L Osborn.

He is the founder of Kenneth Hagin ministries, and has many books to his name.

He married Oretha Rooker on November 25, 1938, and they were blessed with two children. He gave up the ghost on September 19, 2003, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.

Papa Hagin was a dynamic Preacher, Teacher, and Prophet who operated in all the ministerial offices perfectly well.