Introductory Class


The introductory Class includes Video, Audio, and Text. For the best experience, watch the video. At the least, the video or the audio must be used alongside the text. Watch out for Assignments below the page. These assignments are compulsory! Also, note that your NOTEBOOK where you write down what you learn is important.

Introductory Video

Simply watch the video above or listen to the audio and you are good to go.

Drop your questions or inquiries in the comment section and you will be attended

Send Private questions to, using the subject “Development School”

Your grades will constitute the following
Notebook Inspection – 50%
Assignments – 15%
Examination – 15%
Promptness and Pace – 10%
Baptisms – 10% (Water Baptism and Holy Spirit Baptism )
You are required to score 90% to be able to graduate.