100 Level – New Birth

100 Level – Section 1A


You are to watch the Video or Listen to the Audio alongside the text! The Video will give you a better experience with captions and pictures! Take Notes! Your notes will be inspected and they must be detailed.

Video – 100 Level 1A
Audio – 100 Level 1A
Text - What happened at the new birth?

What happened at the new birth?

* Jesus took your place

* When he died you died [Romans 6:8]

* When he was buried you were buried [Colossians 2:12].

* When he was made alive you were made alive [Colossians 2:13].

* When he was vindicated you were vindicated [1 timothy 3:16].

* When he was raised to sit in Heaven you were raised with him [Ephesians 2:6].

* There are two aspects of Redemption – the legal and vital aspect of redemption: One is in the past, and the other is in the present.

Text - Your New Status

Your New Status

* You are redeemed [1 Corinthians 6:20, Revelations 5:9-10].

* You are free from the bondage of Satan and sin [Romans 8:2].

* You have been transformed into God’s kingdom [Colossians 1:13-14].

* You have access to God’s throne [Ephesians 2:18].

* You are now righteous [2 Corinthians 5:21].

* You are God’s ambassador on earth [2 Corinthians 5:20].

* You have power over Satan and sin [Luke 10:19].

* You are a new creature [2 Corinthians 5:16-17].

100 Level – Section 1B

Video - 100 Level 1B
Audio - 100 Level 1B
Text - The Church and Baptism

The Church and Baptism

What is the Church?

Scriptural references: Genesis 12:2, Matthew 20:26, and Matthew 23:11Church/ Ecclesia means “to call out from”

* A body of people called out from the world to be in Christ

* The universal church- the body of Christ

* A local group of believers

Text - The Doctrines of Baptism

The Doctrines of Baptism

There are 3 major baptisms.

*Baptism into the body of Christ-done at salvation

* Baptism in water

* Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Text - Holy Spirit Baptism:

Holy Spirit Baptism:

* Baptism in the Holy Spirit is receiving the Holy Spirit

* Baptism in the Holy Spirit is meant for all Christian

* This experience gives us the boldness and power to witness

* It makes prayer more effective

* It makes the release of the gifts of the spirits possible

* It enables a better understanding of the word of God


Write a 200 Word Essay on your Salvation Experience 

About Shouts of Grace Nation 

100 Level – Section 2

Video - 100 Level 2
Audio - 100 Level 2
Text - Understanding the Purpose of the Church

Understanding the Purpose of the Church 

The five (5) purposes of the church 

a) Worship

b) Ministry

c) Evangelism

d) Fellowship

e) Discipleship

Text - History of SGC

History of SGC 

Understanding the connection with KHC

I Began Ministry in 1998 at Ogun State University now known as Olabisi Onabanjo University and pastored a congregation known as Vision Alive Network

I relocated to Ibadan in the year 2000 and started as an Assistant Pastor at Triumphant Assembly, Ibadan till 2009

Between 2009 and 2015, I moved to Lagos briefly and we started Kisses and Huggs Club and held many conferences in Ibadan, Ife, and Ogbomosho.

We had a lot of followers online who are regular readers of Kisses and Huggs Club devotionals.

Till today, devotionals are still being written and can be found on Kissesandhuggs.org.

I returned to Ibadan in 2012 and joined Christ Chapel Intl as an Assistant Pastor.

Shouts of Grace Nation started in response to a leading by God in 2016.

I was sent forth from Cross Chapel  on 27th December 2015

Our first service was held on 3rd January 2016 (the first Sunday of the year)

Our mid-week service started on the 6th of January 2016

The Church was Inaugurated on the 1st of April 2017 by our spiritual father, Rev Victor Adeyemi

Image - How We Are Organised

SGN Organization

Our Key people

Rev.  Dunamis Okunowo – Lead Pastor

Rev.  Sophia Okunowo –  Co-Lead Pastor

Assistant Pastors
































































Test - Service Times & Membership

Service Time: 

  • Sundays: First Service: 7:30 am
  • Wednesdays: 6:00pm

Membership at SGC 

Benefits of SGC membership 

  • Identification as a genuine Christian 
  • A spiritual family that supports and encourages you 
  • A place to discover and release your ministry gifts 
  • Protection of godly leaders 
  • Accountability to others 


3.2 Requirement for Membership 

  • Personal profession of Christ as Lord and Saviour 
  • Baptism by immersion in water 
  • Completion of the membership class 
  • The signing of the membership pledge 

What Next? 

  1. Attend membership induction 
  2. Attend water baptism, if you have indicated 
  3. Join a service unit 
  4. Complete development school 
  5. Be committed to moving from “crowd and congregation” to “committed and core.”