1 Corinthians 6:19-20
1. Dressing should be cooperate, except on traditional Sundays or any other day otherwise
2. The hair (male and female) should be well groomed and face well shaven (males).
3. Use of earrings by males is not allowed
4. Short skirts, miniskirts and cleavage showing blouses are not allowed. (Short skirts are skirts
showing the laps or above the knee). Sleeveless shirts, Jean trousers are not allowed on Sundays
5. No three quarters on Service days except on Casual Sundays which is once in a while and will
be so stipulated.
6. All ladies should endeavor to be in heels, and if they must wear flats, it should be uniform and
only on Wednesdays.
7. All units should stipulate the weekly uniform i.e. Choir, Ushers e.t.c.


1. All workers are to be in church before 7:30a.m. on Sundays and 5:30p.m.on Wednesdays.
2. Worker’s Training and Prayer vigil holds on the 2nd and Last Friday’s respectively
3. All ministration should adhere to stipulated time.
4. All workers are expected in Service on Sundays and Wednesdays, and in the event of absence
or late coming, permission should have been sought from family heads and granted a day before.


1. No side talks during services.
2. All phones should be silenced or switched off if not being used to take notes or read bible.
3. All workers should take notes during teachings.
4. Movement should be minimized during services.
5. All workers should be sensitive to instructions coming from the pulpit.
6. NO worker should sit down with close friends during services to avoid distractions.
7. Ushers should avoid raising their voices when they have one or two things to do at back.
8. Workers should freely share their academic challenges with the director for any intervention.


1. All workers are expected to be Tithers.
2. All workers are expected to be part of any project which might involve a level of sacrifice.
3. All workers are expected to honor their Pastors from time to time with their giving.


1. All shouters are first of all witnesses.
2. All workers will live in the consciousness of talking to at least one person a day about Jesus
Christ and S.G.C.


1. All workers should declare and submit their relationship or courtship to the leadership of the
2. As a worker, your intentions to date, ask a lady out or propose should be made known to the
leadership of the church especially when both parties are members of S.G.C.
3. Workers below the age of 20 are not allowed to begin a relationship.
4. In the event of a breakup, time should be allowed to heal before venturing into another
5. Co-habitation is not allowed in S.G.C. for any reason whatsoever.
6. Pre-marital sex is not allowed as a worker in SGC.
7. Night clubbing, swimming pool parties and any other ungodly involvement are not allowed.


1. Every worker is expected to have a consistent time of fasting
2. Every worker is expected to read at least two chapters of the bible daily.
3. Every worker is expected to speak in tongues for 30 minutes – 1 hour every day.
4. Every worker is expected to stay free from all forms of exuberances like drinking alcohol,
partying e.t.c.


1. Workers are not expected to gossip, complain or murmur about the church or the church
leadership. All misunderstandings or grievances should be appropriately channeled to the
Leadership through H.O.D’s and Family head.
2. Strife, quarrels are not allowed among workers. Any worker found in strife will be suspended.
3. Do not mock or make light of the church or the church leadership among friends.
4. You are to defend the integrity and leadership of the church wherever you find opposing
5. Workers should make known any serious medical condition for relevant understanding, prayers
and support.


1. All fliers, Pastor’s status updates on the church page should not only be liked but also shared.
This is important for all the workers.
2. Every worker should have their own personal group or list that they broadcast church fliers and
invitations to.
3. All workers should use KHC devotional.